Brazilian police conduct raids, question former president Lula

It was a tense day in Brazil today, with police raiding the properties of former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva in the early morning and taking him in for questioning as part of the 24th phase of the Car Wash corruption investigation. Other targets of this phase include Lula’s wife and sons as well as his foundation, the Lula Institute. Here is a summary of some of today’s events:

- Lula was taken to a police precinct in the Congonhas Airport in São Paulo for questioning and was subsequently released, heading directly to PT headquarters thereafter.

- The offices of the Lula Institute were also raided, but had apparently been cleared out before the police arrived, with files and computers being hidden or removed from the premises.

- The police discovered that the construction company OAS, which is also being investigated in the Car Wash probe, paid for Lula's move after he left the presidency and paid for storage containers holding his belongings for five years, spending 1.12 million reais.

- Brazilian channel GloboNews has also reported that items found in some of the containers holding Lula's belongings included items taken from the presidential palace.

- Brazilians have been taking to the streets, with tensions flaring between pro- and anti-PT protesters. There are worries that the PT is inciting militancy among its supporters.  

- The Brazilian stock market and currency have both been rallying in response to the news.

- Brazilians on the internet have been doing what they do best – using humor to cope with difficult situations. Here is a roundup of some of the best memes out there.

- Lula is expected to give a press conference later today.